The Sanskrit name for the crown chakra is Sahasrara which means “thousand-petaled”.

The crown chakra connects you to the divine and your higher self, this is where you achieve a sense of universal consciousness.

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. It is associated with the element of thought and its color is violet and white (which is the inclusion of all colors).

The crown chakra includes all energies of body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga philosophy has considered Sahasrara to be the seat of enlightenment.

Silhouette of a person meditating with marked crown chakra area

Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara

Location: Top of head

Color: Violet

Element: Thought

Mantra: I know

Gland: Pituitary

Seed Sound: AH

When your Sahasrara is balanced you trust the Divine and have the feeling of oneness with the Universe. Feeling connected to source energy you live a blissful life: full of love, compassion and kindness to yourself and all other beings.

You are able to live in the present moment, without dwelling in the past or creating stressful scenarios of the future. You know you are guided by the Divine.

When your crown chakra is unbalanced, you are disconnected from the divine. You are skeptical about spiritual realm. You might be focusing entirely on your individual physical needs without paying attention to anyone else’s well-being. You and your well-being are your whole universe. Meeting your egoistic needs is your life’s purpose.

There are many methods to balance and open your crown chakra and using crystals is one of them.

The six crystals below can be very useful in the opening process of your Sahasrara.

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    Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones. It opens multidimensional consciousness as well as activates and enhances psychic ability.

    Amethyst is a grounding and calming crystal. It helps improve your focus during meditation. It facilitates the process of opening your crown chakra. 


    Clear Quartz

    Clear quartz is a master healing crystal. It works on all levels of body, mind, and spirit bringing them to balance.

    It is the most potent energy amplifier; it will amplify the properties of any crystal it will be put to work with.

    It connects the physical and spiritual dimensions.

    Clear quartz helps open the crown chakra, so use it during meditation to tap into higher consciousness.

    It also enhances metaphysical abilities.

    With all these amazing properties you might be surprised (and thrilled!) to know that it is one of the most common and inexpensive crystals, so make sure to include it in your collection :).



    Selenite is a cleansing crystal full of calming and soothing energy.

    It is a self-cleansing crystal and can be super helpful in cleansing other crystals in your collection (use a selenite bowl or selenite charging station).

    Selenite helps remove negative energy transmuting it into positive one.

    Use selenite during meditation to quiet your mind and aid connection with the universal energy as well as the angel realm.

    Selenite also clears confusion and brings clarity of mind.

    Please note: Selenite is a very soft crystal so be careful when working with it.

    A cheat sheet card you might find useful when working with your crown chakra. To save or print it, just click on it 🙂



    Howlite is full of calming energy promoting a sense of peace and bliss.

    It can help you connect to higher dimensions.

    As howlite calms the mind, be sure to put it to work during your next meditation. Also, if you are having problems with sleep place it under your pillow to enjoy a peaceful night :).


    Rainbow Moonstone

    Rainbow moonstone facilitates connection to the spiritual realm and helps clear the energy of your Sahasrara.

    It is associated with psychic abilities and can help develop clairvoyance.

    Moonstone is helpful in bringing peace, harmony, and balance to your emotions.

    You might find it particularly useful during meditation as it deepens the meditative state, calming the mind and allowing you to focus on the present moment.

    A printable poster you might find useful when working with your chakras. To save or print it, just click on it 🙂



    Lepidolite is a calming and protective stone.

    It is associated with the third eye and the crown chakras.

    When working with your crown chakra, lepidolite can help you get rid of any blockages which stand in your way of connecting to the spiritual realm.

    Lepidolite also helps reduce stress and anxiety as well as can aid dissolve negative energy. If you are looking for inner peace, try adding lepidolite to your crystal collection.

    How To Use Crystals To Open And Balance Your Crown Chakra


    There are many ways in which you can use your crystals to open and balance your crown chakra (just make sure to have your stones cleansed before putting them to work :)).

    1. Meditate with your crystals.
    1. Carry them with you (in your pocket or purse for instance).
    1. Wear the jewelry made of the crown chakra stones (a nice necklace or bracelet is always a great idea :)).
    1. Place the crystals around your house (keep them on your desk, by your bed or even under your pillow, just to name a couple of ideas).

    A reference chart you might find useful. To save or print the poster, just click on it 🙂

    root chakra affirmations poster framed

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