The heart chakra is your center of love, compassion, empathy, and connection, both with yourself and with others. It is also associated with your ability to give and receive love, to form meaningful relationships, and to experience a sense of inner peace and balance.

Silhouette of a person meditating with marked heart chakra area

Sanskrit Name: Anahata

Location: Chest (center)

Color: Green

Element: Air

Mantra: I love

Gland: Thymus

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Green Jade

When your heart chakra is open and balanced you are able to express and receive love freely. You are joyful, compassionate, and grateful; you feel surrounded by love.

However, when your Anahata is blocked or unbalanced, you may have trouble forming relationships, expressing emotions, and showing love.

Signs Of A Blocked Heart Chakra

When your heart chakra is blocked, it can manifest in several physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. Here are some common signs of a blocked heart chakra:

  • Feeling disconnected or isolated from others,
  • Difficulty trusting others,
  • Feeling emotionally detached,
  • Holding grudges or feeling resentful towards others,
  • Difficulty expressing love and affection,
  • Lack of self-love and self-compassion,
  • Difficulty forgiving yourself and others,
  • Feeling unworthy of love,
  • Lack of empathy towards others.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may indicate that your Anahata is blocked, and it may be helpful to explore techniques and practices to help balance and open your heart chakra (affirmations being one of them :)).

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50 Affirmations To Balance And Open Your Heart Chakra

Opening your heart chakra with affirmations is a powerful and effective way to cultivate positive energy and promote emotional healing. Here are some affirmations that can help you to open your heart chakra:

1.  I am love.

2.  I love myself unconditionally.

3.  I welcome love into my life.

4.  I am worthy of love.

5.  I radiate love.

6.  I am loving, kind and compassionate towards all beings.

7.  I am grateful for loving people around me.

8.  My heart is loving and pure.

9.  I love and accept myself exactly as I am in this moment.

10.  I choose compassion over judgement.

11.  I forgive myself.

12.  My heart is open to all the love in the universe.

13.  I forgive myself and others easily and without judgment.

14.  I am able to give and receive love freely and unconditionally.

15.  I am grateful for the love and beauty around me.

16.  I choose to see the good in others and in myself.

17.  I let go of resentment and anger, and allow love to heal my heart.

18.  I am able to express my emotions honestly and with kindness.

19.  I am in harmony with the world around me.

20.  I treat myself with kindness and compassion at all times.

root chakra affirmations poster framed

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21.  I am surrounded by people who love and support me.

22.  I am free to be myself and to express my true feelings.

23.  I am open to receiving and giving love in all its forms.

24.  I am a magnet for love and positive energy.

25.  I am worthy of healthy and loving relationships.

26.  I choose love.

27.  I let go of fear and allow love to be my guide.

28.  I am filled with gratitude for love that surrounds me.

29.  I release all negative emotions and allow love to flow through me.

30.  My heart is overflowing with love and compassion for all beings.

31.  I welcome new experiences that nourish my loving heart.

32.  I forgive with ease.

33.  My heart is a source of unconditional love.

34.  I am able to let go of the past and embrace new beginnings.

35.  I am worthy of true love.

36.  I am deserving of love and respect from others.

37.  I believe in the power of love.

38.  I am connected to the universal love that surrounds me.

39.  I am able to love without fear and attachment.

40.  My heart is a source of strength and resilience.

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41.  I am able to find joy and happiness in the present moment.

42.  My heart is filled with gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

43.  I embrace the flow of love.

44.  I am open to receiving love unconditionally.

45.  I bless my loving and pure heart.

46.  I am surrounded by positive energy and loving vibrations.

47.  My heart is a place of kindness, compassion, and understanding.

48. I listen with an open heart, giving my respect to others’ stories and feelings.

49.  I embrace love and compassion.

50.  I am grateful for the compassion and kindness that others have shown me.

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How To Use Your Heart Chakra Affirmations

To use these affirmations, find a quiet and comfortable place where you can be alone with your thoughts. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and body. Repeat each affirmation to yourself several times, allowing the words to sink in and resonate with you. Visualize a warm, loving light radiating from your heart center and spreading throughout your body and into the world around you.

Repeat these affirmations daily. As you continue to practice, you may notice a greater sense of peace, love, and connection to yourself and others. Remember to be patient and compassionate with yourself as you work to open your heart chakra, and trust in the process of healing and growth.

Do you feel your Anahata might be unbalanced and blocked? Discover 11 methods to unblock your heart chakra and start the healing process today!

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