If you have been wondering how to cleanse your crystals so they can serve you in the best possible way, you have come to the right place. Below you will find some useful methods of cleansing, charging, and programing your crystals.

But first things first:

Why Is It Important To Cleanse Your Crystals?

Your crystals have come a long way until they reached you. They have been to many places, have been handled by various people, have been exposed to different energies; good and bad. And as crystals absorb the energy of who and what they come in contact with, it is crucial you cleanse your new crystals. You want to make sure they are aligned with YOU and YOUR energy. You want a fresh (and clean!) start to your relationship with your crystal. And a bit of advice for later: to make this relationship long-lasting, you will also make sure to cleanse them regularly.

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How To Cleanse Your Crystals? 10 Brilliant Ways

Cleansing your crystals is not simply a physical activity, it is much more. Think of it more like a ritual, an extra care and love you offer to your crystals. Your intention to cleanse the crystals plays an essential role in the process.

Below you will find 10 methods to cleanse your crystals. Work with the one which feels right for you; just follow your instinct.

  1. Leave your crystals in the moonlight

The best time to do it is during the Full moon. If you cleanse them the night before or after the Full Moon, don’t fear, as it will work just fine. You would like to place your crystals on the ground in your garden, if you don’t have one, try the balcony or place the crystals on the windowsill (on a natural surface, like a wooden tray). Crystals like to be earthed or grounded.

Leave them for the night and remove an hour after the sunrise.

You might be wondering what happens if it is a cloudy night and you can’t see the Full Moon.

The clouds won’t affect the moon’s energy. Of course, it is ideal and most powerful to have your crystals cleansed in direct moonlight, however it is not essential. You can leave your crystals under overcast sky or even when it is raining (just make sure these crystals are safe when put in contact with water).

  1. Smudge your crystals

You can smudge your crystals with a sage or palo santo stick (make sure to buy them from certified shops with suppliers using sustainable harvesting techniques).

If possible, do it outdoors. If you can’t, make sure to do the smudging next to an open window (this will be the way out for smoke and negative energy).

Light the tip of the smudge stick and hold your crystal above the smoke. Allow the crystal to fully douse in it.

Smudging is also an amazing method to cleanse your whole house from negative energy.

    sage feather and crystals
    1. Submerge your crystal in salt water

    Salt water is a well-known negativity cleanser. If you are lucky to live near the ocean, go for a walk and collect some natural saltwater. If this is not your option, no problem, as you can easily prepare a salt bath for your crystals home! Mix a tablespoon of sea salt or Himalaya salt in a bowl with water (ideally, you would have it purified / filtered). Then submerge completely your crystals in it. Leave them in the bowl for 8 to 12 hours. When finished, rinse the crystals in clean water and then gently dry them.

    You should be very cautious when using this method. Water and saltwater will damage certain crystals. Don’t use this method for raw crystals. Also never cleanse amber, calcite, kyanite, malachite, moonstone, opal, selenite, and topaz with water. If in doubt: always research your crystal to make sure it can be submerged in salt, salt water and water.

        A handy reference guide when working with your crystals and chakras :). To save or print it, just click on it 🙂

          1. Use dry salt

          Half-fill a glass bowl with sea or Himalaya salt and place your crystals straight into the salt (you can either place them on the surface or burry them into it). Leave the crystals in the salt for a few hours or overnight. Two important things to remember:

          1) some crystals should be kept away from salt as they may be damaged by direct contact with it (for instance: Lapis Lazuli, Opal or Hematite) – so check if your crystal is safe to use with salt,

          2) after use, the salt must be thrown away and never reused again (as it will have absorbed unwanted and negative energies).

          You can use dry salt in a safer way: you will need two glass bowls or glass containers, a bigger and a smaller one.

          First fill the bigger one with sea or Himalaya salt (to about its two thirds), then place your crystal in a smaller glass bowl/ container. Now half-burry the smaller bowl in the salt in the bigger bowl. As the crystal won’t be in direct contact with salt, this method will require more time to work. And again, make sure to get rid of the salt after the cleansing.

          1. Rinse your crystals with running water

          A very simple yet effective method. You can use it home, by placing your crystal under a faucet. Let the water rinse it for a couple of minutes (the crystal should be fully submerged), once finished gently dry the crystal. You can add an element of visualization to the process. Imagine all the negative energy being washed off by purifying water.

          Make sure the crystals you want to cleanse this way can be put in contact with water (grab your PDF cheat sheet with some common water unsafe crystals!)

            water unsafe crystals poster
              1. Use other crystals (quartz and selenite)

              Selenite is a very powerful cleansing crystal. You can either put your crystals on top of it or near it, leave them for 24 hours. You can also use a selenite crystal bowl.

              If you have a large quartz geode, place smaller crystals inside the geode for about 12 to 14 hours.

                crystals on selenite charging bar
                1. Bury your crystals in soil

                This method is truly powerful as you will be connecting the crystals with their source. The Earth. And the Earth will absorb any unwanted energy.

                You can either bury your crystals directly in the soil or place them in a jar which you will bury. Either way, make sure to cover the hole you dig with the remaining soil (the hole can be just a few inches deep). Also, if you use your garden, make sure to mark where you buried your crystals as it can be sometimes tricky to find them! Especially that you should leave your crystals buried for at least seven days. If you don’t have a garden, you can use a large pot with soil on your balcony.

                If you decide to bury your crystals directly in the soil, rinse them with water and pat them dry (but check first if these crystals can be put in contact with water).

                1. Use visualization

                This method is particularly useful if you have already established a relationship with your crystals or feel comfortable with mediation and visualization as such.

                Take a few deep breaths and relax. Set an intention of cleansing the crystals. Then pick the first crystal. Focus on it. Picture a bright white light surrounding it, followed by a beam of white light coming down through the crystal. Visualize the light taking away any unwanted energy stored in it. Do this until you feel the energy of the crystal shifts (simply follow your intuition).

                Visualization is very convenient and safe, however if you decide to cleanse this way a large number of crystals, you might want to take a few breaks during the process, as it can be quite exhausting and energy draining.

                  singing bowl with crystals around it
                    1. Surround the crystals with sound

                    Sound can be a potent tool to help shift energy. You can use a singing bowl, bell, or tuning fork. You might want to chant.

                    Sound should be loud enough to help surround the crystals. Think of this as “a sound bath” offered to your crystals.

                    1. Use the candlelight

                    You can also use the fire element to get rid of negative energy stored in crystals.

                    Place your crystals near a candle, simply allowing the light to do the work.

                    You might want to combine it with meditation: light a few candles, place your crystals near them. You can have some relaxing music in the background (or chant), relax and meditate in these peaceful surroundings.

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                        How Often Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

                        As mentioned in the beginning, you should cleanse any new crystals which you buy or receive. Ideally, you should do it straight after they reached your home.

                        With the crystals which are already in your collection, cleanse them regularly. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse crystals at least once a month. It is also advised you cleanse a crystal more often (every couple or few days) if it is used frequently.

                        If you notice that a crystal feels heavier or you simply feel it is time for its cleansing, trust the instinct and do it, regardless of any schedules.

                        How Do I Charge My Crystals?

                        Cleansing helps to get rid of any unwanted energy picked up by your crystal, charging on the other hand could be seen as “refueling” crystal’s energy. It helps restore its natural powers and attributes.

                        The best way to charge your crystals is to expose them to the sunlight or the moonlight for 6 to 12 hours. Some crystals prefer sunshine and other moonlight. Always make sure it is safe to expose your crystal to the sunlight (for instance some crystals like amethyst will fade).

                        You can also charge using visualization.

                        How To Program Your Crystals

                        If you would like your crystal to help you with a specific goal, purpose or desire, you can program it after you have cleansed it. Just make sure the crystal you are to program is the right crystal for the purpose.

                        To program your crystal, you need intention and focus. Programming is a way of communicating with the crystal; letting know what it can help you with.

                        The process is very simple:

                        • Hold the crystal in your hand.
                        • Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Relax.
                        • Focus on your crystal and feel gratitude for its readiness to assist you.
                        • Now state your desire or intention clearly and specifically.

                        Then place your crystal somewhere you will often see it or carry it with you (keep it in your pocket for instance). Hold it in your hand a few times a day, feeling love and gratitude as if the goal has been achieved.



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