Maybe you only started your adventure with crystals and have only a few of them. Maybe you are a proud owner of an impressive collection. Or maybe you are someone in the middle with quite a few crystals around who feels it is time to find a perfect storage for them.

Whichever your case might be, below you will find some useful tips on crystal storage.

Storing and organizing crystals properly is important to keep them safe, preserve their energy, and prevent damage.

Why You Should Properly Store And Organize Your Crystals



  1. To protect them from chips, scratches, or any other accidental damage (chips can alter the energy flow of a crystal).
  1. To be able to swiftly navigate through your collection and find a specific crystal or crystals you wish to work with.
  1. To protect them from elements.

Some crystals might get rusty or dissolve when put in touch with water, some might change color or fade when exposed to sunlight. To make sure you won’t cause any harm to your crystals, always check if a given crystal is a “sensitive” one.

  1. To protect them from other people’s energy.

Crystals are very personal, almost intimate items. You can program your crystals to focus their energies on your specific desires or goals. YOURS. Yours only.

And as crystals absorb other people’s energies (quite often negative ones…), it is important to keep them away, so no one undesired would be tempted to touch them. You are the only one who should be able to do so.

It is also important you cleanse your crystals regularly. Not sure how to do it? No problem, check out the post about cleansing crystals!


root chakra affirmations poster framed
root chakra affirmations poster framed

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What Is The Best Way To Store Crystals?


The best way to store crystals is… the way which works for you. There isn’t one correct way of doing it. If your crystals are well protected and you find it easy to navigate through you collection, this means you are doing it right!

However, if you haven’t worked out the preferred method yet, or perhaps you are looking for some ideas to improve your existing system, check out the tips below:


There is a variety of options to choose from. Much will depend on your personal taste: would you like to keep it simple and practical or maybe something more decorative would be your choice?

Here are a few ideas to explore:

  • Wooden boxes
  • Glass containers
  • Multicompartment plastic containers (such as ones used for storing beads)
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Velvet pouches (would be best for tumbled crystals or those that aren’t easily scratched)
  • Or…be creative: make your own storing box from waste carboard for instance.
crystals with name tags in box


If you see your crystal collection grow, you might want to create name tags for each of your crystal. Especially when you are a beginner some of the crystals may look quite alike. Without keeping a proper name record, you might end up with lots of unidentified crystals. Can you imagine how disappointing that would be? To avoid this, I would encourage you to create name tags. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated or fancy. Just grab a sheet of paper, cut out small rectangles on which you will write down the name and voila, your crystal identification system is ready to assist you!


A ready to print set of over 120 crystal name tags with an additional empty sheet for you to fill in if a given crystal in your collection is not on the list. It is available in three different fonts. Just click on the poster and enjoy organizing your crystals 🙂 !

How To Organize Your Crystals

If you have many different crystals in your collection, you might want to organize them, storing crystals by:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Chakra association
  • Crystal family
  • Fragility/ hardness
  • Roughness
  • Rawness
  • Purpose/ intention.
crystals in a jewelry box

Storing Crystals For Everyday Use

Once you have organized and stored away your crystal collection, here are a few ideas on how to handle a few chosen crystals for everyday use:

  • Place a tumbled crystal in your pocket or in a safe part of your purse.
  • Keep your favorite crystal on your bedside table when sleeping.
  • Place crystals on your windowsill so they can charge.
  • Place crystals in an altar or a scared space you created in your home.


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root chakra affirmations poster framed

Grab your FREE printable cheat sheet cards for each of your seven chakras. A handy reference guide when working with your chakras :).

A printable you might find useful when working with your stones and chakras. To save or print it, just click on it 🙂


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