The root chakra is called Muladhara in Sanskrit with Mula meaning “root” and Adhara meaning “base” or “support”.

Muladhara is the foundation of your entire chakra system.

It is located at the base of your spine and is represented by the color red. It is all about your security, safety and survival.

The root chakra connects you to Earth and helps you feel grounded.

Silhouette of a person meditating with marked root chakra area

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

Location: Base of spine

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Mantra: I am

Gland: Adrenals

Seed Sound: LAM

If your root chakra is blocked, it can affect your whole body and make it hard or impossible for energy to flow through the other chakras. It is believed that if your root chakra is out of balance, it’s likely that your other chakras will also be out of balance.

If you have been feeling unsafe, anxious, fearful, or have been struggling with panic attacks or low self-confidence, this might indicate your root chakra is out of balance.

There are many methods which can help you unblock Muladhara. Working with crystals is one of my favorite ones :-).

How To Use Your Crystals To Unblock Your Root Chakra


There are many ways in which you can use your stones to help balance your root chakra (just make sure to have your stones cleansed before putting them to work :)).

  1. Meditate with your crystals (lie down and place a crystal of your choosing on the chakra point), try to be as close to the surface of the earth as possible (depending on where you happen to meditate). 
  1. Carry the stones with you (in your pocket or purse).

  1. Wear the jewelry made of the root chakra crystals (you can never go wrong with a nice necklace or bracelet, right?). 
  1. Place the stones around your house (if you are working from home, make sure to keep them on your desk as well).

Below you will find seven crystals to help you balance and unblock your root chakra (with some useful free printable materials :)).


    Red Jasper

    Jasper comes in different colors. It aligns the chakras, and each color relates to a specific chakra (red to root chakra, orange to sacral, yellow & brown to solar plexus, green to heart, blue to throat and third eye).

    Red jasper is an excellent crystal for your root chakra as it grounds energy as well as deals with excess energies improving your energetic balance. It also provides protection, absorbing negative energy.

    Red jasper is stimulating, enhances determination and is great as a manifestation stone. It will help you stay motivated and positive as it increases your emotional focus and balance.


    Black Onyx

    Black onyx is a grounding and protective crystal.

    Especially useful when dealing with very stressful situations as it will provide you with support and protection from negative energies as well as fears and worries.

    It can also help you with manifesting as you will stay motivated and focused on your goals.

    root chakra affirmations poster framed

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    Smoky Quartz

    Smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding stones as it has a strong link with the earth and root chakra.

    It has an amazing power of transforming negative energy into positive energy.

    Smoky quartz can be of a great help when dealing with stress as it relieves fear and depression, bringing calmness. It helps to focus on the present moment.

    A cheat sheet card you might find useful when working with your root chakra. To save or print it, just click on it 🙂


    Black Tourmaline

    Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy of all kinds, providing you with an extra layer of protection.

    It is a grounding crystal, connecting you with your root chakra. Black tourmaline centers you.

    It helps to keep a positive mindset clearing negative thoughts and reducing stress and tension.




    Carnelian helps improve your sense of security and safety which relates to your root chakra. Carnelian is also associated with your sacral chakra (as it is great for stimulating your creativity for instance).

    Red carnelian energizes your mind and body, helping you make positive life choices and stay motivated (and attracting prosperity!). It helps focus on the present moment.


    A printable poster you might find useful when working with your chakras. To save or print it, just click on it 🙂



    Hematite is a grounding, protective, and centering crystal.

    It helps harmonize your mind and body.

    Hematite will keep you focused and grounded, boosting your connection to the earth. It enhances your sense of security and safety.

    Hematite removes negative energy from your body and from your aura.



    Rhodonite is mainly a heart chakra crystal (as it stimulates and clears your Anahata) but you can also use a red rhodonite for grounding. It can help enhance your sense of safety, adding a loving and positive vibe to it.

    There are many methods to unblock your root chakra; working with crystals being one of them. Check out other ways to balance and heal your root chakra.

    A reference chart you might find useful. To save or print the poster, just click on it 🙂

    root chakra affirmations poster framed

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