The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, pleasure, and sexuality. When this chakra is balanced you are able to relish all the pleasures life can offer.

Silhouette of a person meditating with marked sacral chakra area

Sanskrit Name: Swadhisthana

Location: Lower abdomen, below the navel

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Mantra: I feel

Gland: Gonads

Crystals: Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Calcite

As all your chakras, Swadhisthana can get blocked. If you noticed some of the symptoms below, it might be time to balance your sacral chakra.

Signs Of A Blocked Sacral Chakra:

    • Lack of creativity: When the sacral chakra is blocked, you may feel uncreative or uninspired.
    • Emotional instability: You may experience mood swings or have difficulty managing your emotions.
    • Low sex drive: A blocked sacral chakra can also affect your libido and sexual energy.
    • Guilt or shame: You may feel guilty or ashamed of your sexuality or desires, which can further block the sacral chakra.
    • Addiction: A blocked sacral chakra can lead to addictive behavior or a tendency to seek pleasure in unhealthy ways.
    • Lack of joy: You may feel unhappy or unfulfilled, with little joy or pleasure in your life.

    There are many methods to balance and unblock your sacral chakra. Check them out and choose the ones that resonate with you. If you feel the affirmations can help with the healing process, below you will find 50 empowering affirmations to incorporate to your daily spiritual practice. Enjoy :)!

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    50 Affirmations To Balance Your Sacral Chakra

    1.  I have a right to joy and fulfillment.

    2.  I radiate passion and creativity.

    3.  I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.

    4.  I am in touch with my feelings.

    5.  I have unlimited power to create whatever I desire.

    6.  It is my birth right to receive pleasure.

    7.  I feel energized and healthy every day.

    8.  Infinite abundance exists within me.

    9.  Every day I enjoy life to the fullest.

    10.  I allow myself to experience pleasure and enjoy life.

    11.  I am able to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

    12.  I am a naturally creative person.

    13.  I am connected to my creative energy.

    14.  I radiate confidence.

    15.  I embrace my emotions and allow them to flow freely.

    16.  I am at peace with my sexuality and honor my body.

    17.  I am comfortable with intimacy.

    18.  I am deserving of pleasure and happiness in all areas of my life.

    19.  I am grateful for the pleasure and joy in my life.

    20.  I am a powerful and creative being.

    root chakra affirmations poster framed

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    21.  I am open to new experiences that bring pleasure into my life.

    22.  I allow myself to have fun and connect to my inner child.

    23.  I am filled with joy and happiness every day.

    24.  I am in touch with my emotions.

    25.  I am comfortable with my sexuality and embrace it fully.

    26.  My sexuality is a natural and healthy expression of myself.

    27.  I can balance my sexual energy with ease.

    28.  I am confident in expressing my needs and desires.

    29.  I embrace my sexuality and honor my desires.

    30.  I am passionate about life.

    31.  I feel at ease expressing my feelings.

    32.  My creativity empowers me.

    33.  I am worthy of receiving abundance in my life.

    34.  I enjoy the present moment and let go of worries about the future.

    35.  I release any fears or insecurities that hold me back.

    36.  My creativity flows effortlessly and abundantly.

    37.  I express my needs and desires freely.

    38.  I am creative and inspire others with my ideas.

    39.  I am worthy of pleasure and joy in all aspects of my life.

    40.  My sensuality is a gift, and I express it freely.

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    41.  My creativity brings joy and fulfillment into my life.

    42.  I easily express my feelings.

    43.  I release any emotional blockages.

    44.  My emotions are balanced and in harmony.

    45.  My sexuality is an integral part of who I am.

    46.  I build healthy relationships on a deep and intimate level.

    47.  I release any past traumas or negative experiences that block my sexuality.

    48.  I celebrate and honor my sexuality as a natural part of my humanity.

    49.  I release any shame or guilt associated with my sexuality.

    50.  My sexuality is a source of strength and empowerment in my life.

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    To use the sacral chakra affirmations, you can repeat them daily, either out loud or silently. It’s best to do this in a quiet and peaceful environment where you won’t be disturbed. You can also write them down in a journal or place them on sticky notes around your home or office as a reminder :).

    Do you feel your Swadhisthana might be unbalanced? Discover 10 brilliant ways to unblock and balance your sacral chakra and start the healing process today!

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