The Sacral Chakra is linked to the sexual energy as well as ability to be creative and to have healthy relationships. Blockages are caused by suppressing this vital energy or being stuck on negative thoughts and patterns. When your Svadhisthana is balanced, your relationship with yourself and others will be harmonious and joyful.

The Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra is Svadhisthana which is often translated asplace where self rules” or “dwelling in a place of the self”.

There are many ways to unblock your sacral chakra and bring it to balance; yoga being one of them. Try these five sacral chakra yoga poses to start healing your Svadhisthana today.


    1. Goddess pose (Utkata Konasana)

      The Sanskrit name for the goddess pose is Utkata Konasana where Utkata means “powerful” or “fierce” and Kona “angle”. The goddess pose (asana) is also known as Fierce Angle Pose or Victory Squat.

      Benefits Of Goddess Pose

      The goddess pose:

      • strengthens and stretches legs, hips, and core,

      • opens hips and chest,

      • tones the lower body,

      • improves balance,
      • stimulates reproductive organs,

      • enhances focus and concentration.

      The video: “Goddess Yoga Pose Tutorial (4 min) – How To Do Yoga Poses” by BrettLarkinYoga

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      2.  Triangle pose (Trikonasana)

      In Sanskrit the triangle pose is called Trikonasana where Trikona means “triangle” or “three corners”. It is a foundational standing pose in yoga.

      Benefits Of Triangle Pose

      The triangle pose:

      • strengthens legs, back, arms, and chest,

      • stretches hamstrings, groins, calves and shoulders,

      • opens hips, chest and spine,

      • stimulates abdominal organs,

      • boosts metabolism,

      • improves balance and stability,

      • energizes the body,

      • reduces stress.


      The video: “Triangle Pose: Step-by-Step Beginner’s Tutorial (+ Key Practice Tips)” by DoYou


      3. Reclined Bound Angle pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

      Reclined bound angle pose is a restorative yoga pose. It is called Supta Baddha Konasana in Sanskrit: Supta meaning “reclining”, Baddha “bound” and Kona “angle”.

      Benefits Of Reclined Bound Angle Pose

      The reclined bound angle pose:

      • stretches the groins, inner thighs, and hips,

      • stimulates abdominal organs,

      • helps relieve the symptoms of menstruation and menopause,

      • reduces PMS,

      • increases blood circulation,

      • energizes and relaxes the body,

      • helps with insomnia.

      The reclined bound angle pose is a great meditative pose.


      The video: “Yoga, Reclining Bound Angle Pose or Butterfly pose” by EkhartYoga

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      4.  Seated Forward Bend pose (Paschimottanasana)

      The Sanskrit name Paschimottanasana breaks down into Pashima, meaning “back” or “west” and Uttana, meaning “intense stretch”.

      Benefits Of Seated Forward Bend Pose

      The seated forward bend pose:

      • brings a deep stretch in the back muscles, the hamstrings, glutes and hips (increasing their flexibility over time),

      • lengthens and helps strengthen the spine,

      • stimulates ovaries and uterus,

      • tones the abdominal organs,

      • reduces fatigue,

      • relaxes the body and mind.

      The video: “Beginners Yoga: How to do Seated Forward Bend” by RosalieYoga


      5. Reclined Thunderbolt pose (Supta Vajrasana)

      In Sanskrit the reclined thunderbolt asana is called Supta Vajrasana where Supta means “reclined” or “sleeping” and Vajra means “thunderbolt”.

      Benefits Of Reclined Thunderbolt Pose

      The reclined thunderbolt pose:

      • stretches and opens the joints of the ankles, knees, and hips,

      • improves flexibility in the upper legs,

      • stretches the front torso and thigs,

      • stimulates chest and diaphragm (increasing lungs capacity and improving the respiratory system),

      • tones the pelvic muscles and the sciatic nerves,

      • improves focus,

      • calms the mind.

      The video: “Supta Vajrāsana | Reclined Thunderbolt Pose | Steps | With Health Benefits” by Abhyas School of Yoga

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