What Is Animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki is a non-invasive healing practice performed to cure animals’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions. It promotes the body’s natural process of self-healing.

It can be done in the presence of the animal, or from a distance (when a Reiki practitioner is not physically present with the animal).

Reiki for animals works safely alongside conventional veterinary care.

Does Reiki Work For Animals?

As animals are very sensitive to energy, they can respond well to Reiki. It can remove blocked energy that has been causing problems or challenges to animal, bringing profound healing responses.

You might be a dog or cat person; you might have birds, fish, or a horse. Doesn’t matter! Reiki can be used to help any of your pets or animals.

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The Benefits Of Animal Reiki

Reiki sessions can benefit animals the same way they benefit people (to find out more about Reiki and its benefits to people, check out this post).

Reiki can help your pet on two levels.

1. On emotional level it can:

  • boost relaxation in a stressful situation (such as new environment, visit to a vet, going on a trip, fireworks display),
  • help deal with traumas (resulting from abandon or abuse for instance),
  • help accept a new member in the family (baby or other pet),
  • reduce separation anxiety.

2. On physical level it can:

  • speed up the recovery after surgery, injury, or illness,
  • address problems with the coat, skin, or feathers,
  • provide comfort to animal with terminal condition,
  • boost immune system,
  • improve overall well-being,
  • support and enhance the medical therapy. It is important however to remember that Reiki shouldn’t be considered a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

And one great thing about animal Reiki is the fact it can also benefit you! It is a wonderful way for you to connect with your pet. When you are present with your pet, with an open heart and mind; you will be able to deepen your bond. You will be able to learn from one another and to support each other to live a happier life.


Hands in Reiki healing position

Reiki is a great idea for your pet but of course there are so many amazing benefits for you as well :). Learn more about Reiki: its health benefits, how a Reiki session looks like, the costs of a Reiki session and much more.

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How Does An Animal Reiki Session Look Like?

A session is typically performed in the animal’s familiar surroundings where he or she feels most comfortable and relaxed; with distractions and external noises minimized.

The most important thing to be aware of: it is the animal who will guide the session to suit his or her needs.

Contrary to a human Reiki session which consists of series of hand positions lightly placed (or hover) upon different parts of the body, animal Reiki is performed from several feet away from the animal. Hands-on treatment is performed when the animal comes forward to receive it. Some animals will place certain body parts into the hands of the practitioner (showing where they need healing the most), some will just lie down a few feet away. Generally, animals tend to be more open and responsive without hands-on contact. It is important to note here that the hands-off treatment is just as effective as hands-on Reiki.

It is also possible to perform a distant (‘remote’) Reiki healing. The practitioner is sending Reiki energy without the animal being present with him. In some circumstances, a distant session may be a better choice (if for instance the animal is fearful of new people or places). The distant session is as effective as the in-person treatment.

Animal Reiki session usually lasts for 30 – 45 minutes. However, the last word belongs to your pet, he or she will decide how long the session will last. Some animals will only need a short session whereas others might need a longer treatment.

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How do I know my pet is accepting the treatment?

You will be able to tell the animal is accepting the treatment if he or she shows signs of relaxation (like yawning, sleeping or deeply breathing). On rare occasions, the animal may choose to reject a Reiki healing. He or she won’t be able to settle and will be aggravated, annoyed or nervous.

How many sessions will my pet need?

Every animal is individual, sometimes just one session will be enough, in some cases several sessions will be needed.

Practicing Animal Reiki At Home

If you have completed Reiki Level 1 course and received attunements, you may want to try to give your pet Reiki home, especially if in your area there is no Reiki practitioner who works with pets. This process can be very beneficial for you and your pet as it can help you connect on spiritual, loving level. You can also have your pet present when performing Reiki self-healing or simply meditating.

If you would like to know more about Reiki Levels (Reiki courses), make sure to check this post out :).

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