We are more than our physical bodies. We are all made of energy and a part of a larger whole. Everything around is energy as well. The chair you are sitting in, the car you are driving, the mug you are drinking your favorite tea from. Energy. Once you are aware of these facts, it will be easier for you to understand how a distance Reiki session can work and how it can be effective.

What Is A Distance Reiki Session

Distance Reiki is sending universal life force energy across time in space.

In a distance Reiki session, the practitioner is located anywhere in the world and provides Reiki energy to the recipient who is not physically present with the practitioner. The practitioner uses thoughts and intentions to move energy instead of transferring energy through touch (or hovering over the recipient’s body). Reiki practitioners learn to administer distance Reiki during Reiki 2 training.

There are many methods the practitioner can apply to send Reiki:

  • Using a picture of the recipient   
  • Using a surrogate (for instance a crystal, teddy bear, pen)
  • Using her or his body as a surrogate
  • Using visualization.

The effects of distant session are no different than in-person session. The energy transmission is just as strong.

You might find a distance healing Reiki session more convenient as you don’t need to travel anywhere; you can simply enjoy the session from the comfort of your own home.

A distance Reiki session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

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How To Prepare For A Distance Reiki Session?


Think of the session as time devoted just to yourself. You might want to wear comfortable, loose, and non-restrictive clothes. Create a relaxing atmosphere, prepare comfortable cushions, light candles, use crystals, your favorite incense or essential oil. The most important thing: make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Before the session talk to the practitioner to agree on the exact time and length of the session. You might want to mention areas you would like him / her to focus on.

On the agreed time, sit or lie comfortably. Take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body. State in your mind the intention for the session… and be ready to release what no longer serves you.

Close your eyes and enjoy :-)!

root chakra affirmations poster framed

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What Are The Benefits Of Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki is a powerful way for you to receive healing Reiki energy, even if you are located thousands of miles away from your practitioner. And all this at your home and in a sacred space you get to create. It can be a fabulous experience (and a treat in your busy day!).

The session itself can benefit you in many ways. Distance Reiki healing can:

  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Ease anxiety and fear
  • Improve your sleep
  • Boost your immune system
  • Help in healing process
  • Energize your body
  • Balance your chakras
  • Increase your compassion and intuition
  • Improve your ability to stay present.

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How Much Is A Distance Reiki Session?

The prices vary, depending on the location of the practitioner of your choice. In the US you might expect to pay between $50-$100/ session. In the UK prices range between £30-£80/ session. Session typically lasts between 30 – 60 minutes.

Usually, you will be offered a discounted price when buying a series of treatments. Make sure to check this option with the practitioner!

Health insurance generally does not cover Reiki treatments; however, it is always worth inquiring your insurance company.

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